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  • The Poseidon GHS 200/adults-100/kids

    The Poseidon is the 4-hour kayaking adventure option that includes an abseil off the overhang cliff.

  • The Odyssey GHS 300/adults-200/kids

    The Odyssey is the option of the full gauntlet of kayaking, paintballling, obstacle courses and archery adventures on Survival Island, including the abseil off the overhang cliff.

  • The Athena GHS 150/adults-80/kids

    The Athena option is a three-hour adventure involving the 2.5 km kayaking foray to Survival Island, relaxation on the island and the return kayaking to the reception.

  • Overhang Abseil GHS 100/adults-60/kids

    This is the adventure option of only abseiling the Overhang Cliff to a boat beneath, with photography happening every step of the way.

  • Overnight Camping GHS 600/adults-450/kids

    The overnight camping adventure option offers a cocktail of adventure disciplines including mountaineering, waterfall cliff abseils and tent camping on Survival Island.

  • Corporate Kayaking GHS 400/employees

    This is an exclusive adventure option for corporations and includes a cocktail of abseil, kayaking, challenge course and paintballing adventures designed to enhance the leadership, team-working, tolerance for uncertainty and adversity and strategic thinking skills of employees. This option includes meals and refreshments.

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