Overhang Abseil

step over the dizzying edge

Overhang Abseil

Survival Island also offers the adventure option of hiking up the back of a cliff and abseiling the 20-metre overhang to a boat beneath, with photography happening every step of the way. This option includes a boat ride from and to the Reception and costs 100-GHS/adult and 60-GHS/child.

What the abseil entails

After check-in at the Survival Island reception, abseilers will enjoy a 10-minute boat ride to the back of the overhang cliff for a short but intense hike to the top, where you will put on the requisite helmets, harnesses, karabiners and vests. The next step is to lean back right at the edge and trust gravity to do the rest. Even if you have a fear for heights, you can do this! 🙂

Overhang Cliff Abseil


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